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There’s no doubt that Coachella is awesome. It only happens once (well, now twice) per year and we spend the rest of the year looking forward to the next one. If you’re considering your first-time attending Coachella then some congratulations are in order. It’s quite the accolade! A lot of people never get to go to Coachella, consider yourself part of the lucky few. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s drop some mind-blowing wisdom on you. You can’t just board a plane and jet off to the event. There are quite a few things that you need things you need to know first. You definitely don’t want to be that awkward newbie that waits in line for your ticket like every one else.

VIP all the way

Coachella is probably the best chance you are ever going to get to see the band that you have been dying to see. All the music is in one place and it makes sense for you to just hop on a plane and jet down to the Coachella ground, but things aren’t that easy when it comes to this pesky event. A normal ticket simply wont do. We hate to suggest this but going VIP is probably the only way you are going to catch some good music. VIP Coachella tickets might seem infinitely more expensive but trust us they are worth it. With VIP tickets you’ll get special parking and access to the VIP section, which is where all the fun is in the first place. You’ll get access to better food from quality chefs and a better viewing experience. You won’t end up being that guy or girl standing at the edge begging someone to help you get in for a better view.

If you are going to be staying in LA then find yourself a premium place to lay your head. LA might be the City of Angels, but trust me there are some pretty devilish places to stay. We’ve experienced our fair share of terrible room service and reception; we swore we’d never go back. Don’t save another measly hundred bucks and risk ruining your stay in Los Angeles. We recommend staying in Palm Springs. It’s incredibly close to the Coachella grounds and has excellent service.

Have the tickets mailed to you

We know it’s tempting to wait in line for your ticket and just deal with the entire situation when you get there, but it’s a bad idea. First of all, the ticket stand even isn’t remotely close to the venue. You’ll have to go about twenty minutes in another direction, then wait a ridiculously long time in a never-ending line in the hot sun. After that you’ll have to make your way back and fight your way to the venue after you have missed quite a bit of the program. It’s just way better to have your ticket mailed to you, it’ll save you all the trouble.

Always go with a bandana and a jacket

These two things might seem unconnected but you’ll thank us later. The thing about the Coachella grounds is that it’s pretty windy and dusty. A few hours into the event, there is always a lot of dust. At this point most people will be completely immersed in the music. They’ll be jumping and stomping and things can get a little bit dusty. There is also the slight chance that a dust storm might just grace the event – not joking. 😃

The valley is as hot as it is cold. At night the temperature can really bottom out. If you came for the weekend thinking that you’ll be jamming through in your crop top or tank top, you are sorely mistaken. The temperature really flips at night and you don’t want to be one of those people who eventually buys a hoodie at these things. They are usually expensive and are basically not worth it. Always go with a jacket.

Coachella is best enjoyed sober

Some opt for a strict no-booze experience at Coachella. It’s not that you can’t get booze at the event; you are just better off staying sober and letting the music be all the escape you need. Usually, the booze and other refreshments are set up far away from the stages. They also don’t let you leave the area with any alcohol – they don’t want anybody getting doused with beer. And of course, you can’t come to the event with your own booze. So, in summary, you can get you buzz on if you are willing to lose your spot, miss half of the set, and pay $10 for a beer. It’s just better to enjoy the music and go booze hunting after your band is done with their session.

Drink lots of coffee

Coffee is vital if you plan to stay for the entire weekend. There are a lot of caffeinated snacks and drinks but pure coffee is the way to go. They will help with the sleepiness and help you catch all those AM shows.

Fast tips

  • Use the portable toilets, they aren’t as bad as they seem.
  • Try all the special delicacies that the vendors have to offer.
  • Bring lots of money.
  • Come early for a better parking spot or just go with a bus.

Now you are finally ready for Coachella! 👏

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Is your partner complaining about your snoring? You might have a problem. Comments Off on Is your partner complaining about your snoring? You might have a problem. 55075

Your partner might not have the heart to tell you, but your snoring sucks. They might tell you that it’s slight and cute and they don’t mind, but they are just trying not to hurt your feelings. I, on the other hand, have no such obligation. In truth, snoring isn’t as annoying and unbearable as I make it out to be. It might actually be “cute” but something has to be done about it nonetheless. It might be a sign of something more serious than just a mildly distasteful sleeping habit. So, is your snoring far more serious than you think, or am I just being hard?

Having sleep apnea isn’t necessarily a bad thing (ok technically it is). But it doesn’t always have to be life or death. You could see a doctor and try to get things sorted out before it’s too late. After all, sleep apnea deprives your entire body and brain of some much-needed oxygen.

An individual is said to have sleep apnea when they don’t get enough oxygen during sleep because their brain isn’t sending signals fast enough to the rest of the body. It doesn’t know to breathe in during sleep; or it could be caused when the muscles of the throat are relaxed which causes the pathways to narrow, so the body doesn’t get enough oxygen during sleep. There are three major types of apnea and although their causes vary, they pretty much cause similar problems down the road.

I’m not typing this long list of diseases to scare you, but they are some of the possible conditions that might result from prolonged sleep apnea.

Some of the diseases that can arise from sleep apnea are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Liver problems
  • Sleep-deprived partners

Although the diseases on this list are scary and often life-threatening, they rarely happen in most cases. Like with most life-threatening diseases out there, early identification is what it’s all about.

Here are a few ways of identifying sleep apnea:

  • Loud snoring
  • Short moments when you stop breathing completely
  • Dry mouth in the morning
  • Falling asleep during the day
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Short attention span while awake

Note: Sleep apnea isn’t quite identical across the spectrum. Some people don’t even snore loudly at night. I know that this might sound confusing but things aren’t always as simple as they seem. You have to watch out for some of the other symptoms if you think that you might have sleep apnea. Your best bet is to just get yourself checked out whenever you can.

Now then, how exactly can we help ourselves when we find out that we have sleep apnea?

Although there are some home remedies and radical dietary alternatives, the safest solution is going with modern medicine. In-person sleep studies, surgeries, and even medications are all options that might be available to you. With that said, here are a few things easy ways to help with your sleep apnea.

Keep your weight under check

Although this symptom is particularly restricted to obstructive sleep apnea, it’s a great idea to adopt it nonetheless. It’ll look after you long after the sleep apnea has passed and it does come with some added physical advantages. It is well known that obesity has a lot of unsightly consequences, but what most people don’t know is that it can also be the cause of sleep apnea. Obesity blocks some of the essential pathways such as the nasal passages and this often results in sleep apnea.

Change your sleep position

It has been noted that certain sleeping postures actually help with your sleep apnea. Something as simple as sleeping on your side can greatly impact the overall frequency of your snores and gasps. Sleeping on your side makes it less likely for your tongue to obstruct your airway. Although not everyone is immediately relieved by this simple home remedy, it’s still quite memorable all things considered.

Quit smoking

In case you might not know, smoking can kill you eventually. They don’t only break down the cells in your lungs, they also increase inflammation and fluid retention in the throat which can cause sleep apnea.

Sleep regularly

I understand that gasping for breath in the middle of the night can be problematic but adequate sleep goes a long way in improving the quality of your sleep and your life span altogether.

Your partner’s sporadic sleep pattern might not be a result of his or her strange sleeping habits. It might be something more serious than that and you should always watch him or her when they are asleep. That is when you will really know if they are at risk.

Do you have enough sex? Comments Off on Do you have enough sex? 78763

I’d bet you don’t normally take relationship advice from a total stranger, but since you are here, let’s dive right into it. Do you have enough sex?

That’s the multi-million-dollar question, isn’t it? How much sex is considered normal? And how much is too little? While the answer to your question will vary depending on who you ask, I’m going to play doctor and survey expert and tell you what doctors, and people in general, consider too much or too little sex.

As long as you and your partner or partners are comfortable, there is no such thing as too much sex. Comfortable being the key word here.

So, what qualifies as comfortable?

During sex, comfortable translates to the absence of pain. When you feel comfortable, and not sore or raw “down there,” then you aren’t having too much sex. If that changes, and you become uncomfortable, sore, or raw, then you should probably give your private bits a couple of days off. As a lady, when there is too much penetration or discharge of fluids, the vagina can get really dry, and without proper lubrication, vaginal tearing is definitely going to happen. This can lead to a lot of nasty things, and you might end up needing to see your gynecologist.

Men are not left out of this equation either. When a man ejaculates more than ten times in three days, he can experience some pain “down there” for a while. He might have trouble getting an erection, but after two or three incidents, he should be able to adapt to the demands of his sex schedule.

Some not so clear answers

Now that we’ve covered that area, let’s tackle the burning question on everyone’s mind. Do you have enough sex? Truthfully, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. As I said, it depends on who you ask. A doctor might tell you that as long as you are sexually active once in a while, then you are okay. Younger and more sexually active people will probably give you an excessive number that you can not possibly compete with.

Getting your own answers

Do you have enough sex?

The only person who can really answer that question is you. In my experience, most people inflate the number of sexual encounters they have on an average. Sure, they might have loads of sex, but they will definitely add a body or two just to be sure that you don’t have a higher count than they do. I know this because I do it, and so do some of my friends. Bottom line is, you cannot take anything anybody says about sexual encounters at face value. They tend to exaggerate, and their numbers are not reliable or realistic.

In my experience, the real answer to this question lies with you. Without external influence, of course, if you feel utterly satisfied with your sexual life, then you have enough sex. If you have sex, say once per week, and you are ecstatic, then you are all good.

You can have more if your partner still needs to have some more sex, but don’t take your lack of desire as an indication of a weak sexual drive. We are different people inherently, and as such, we all have different sexual drives and requirements and honestly, if you aren’t enthusiastic about having sex, then you shouldn’t force yourself to have more.

Forcing yourself to have more sex when you are really uninterested can have the opposite effect on your sexual drive. It might end up seeming like more of a chore and less of a ceremony of pleasure.

Although I stand by what I said, real life is often far more complicated than all the words and theories out there. We know very well that sexuality is fluid, and so is the desire to have sex too. Sometimes we are very indifferent towards sex, and other times we want to keep going till the sun comes up. Regardless of how you feel, the same rule applies: If you are having sex and you want to have more, then you probably need to have more – but not till you cause a vaginal tear or something. However, if you go at it a few times and you are all filled up then call it a night and don’t keep going just because it’s what is expected of you.

In summary, regardless of how wild you are, as long as you are happy and satisfied, then you are in the clear. You are the only one that can really determine if you have enough sex. Any external yardstick is just putting you in a corner and is not really helping you.