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There has always been a need for diverse books, but the topic feels especially relevant today. Whether you’re looking for books that represent your own life experiences, or you’re searching for a book to help you and your family understand another person’s perspective, there are many extraordinary, diverse books available to read.  Diverse books can […]

Self care was important before a global pandemic caused millions of people to suffer. Now it is even more so. Although it may not feel like it, the year is almost over. Some of us still haven’t seen work, gone to the gym, annual appointments, etc. Our sleeping schedules are irregular, hands dry from hand […]

The minimalist home consists of just what’s necessary. The minimalist living room has a couch, a lounge chair, and maybe a tv but forgoes most of the items you typically find in a living room such as picture frames, mirrors, and decorative pillows. Having a minimalist home is more than just a theme, it’s a […]

Since coronavirus doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, it’s time to learn how to craft your perfect coffee all from the comfort of your home. Coffee is one of the simplest pleasures in life, but it will put a dent in your pocket if you’re only getting it from coffee shops. Making […]

With more and more stores opening up across the United States daily, going shopping is almost impossible to ignore. Or if you’re enjoying all the online deals, now’s the perfect time to curate your personal sense of style. Having your own style is a great way to express your personality through clothes. Likewise, wearing something […]

There’s no question that heading back to school has been different this year. For many kids, it’s been hard to get excited about learning with so many changes. Whether your child’s school is providing virtual learning, or they’re attending classes in person, school doesn’t have to be boring. Books have this magical ability to transport us […]

Let’s be honest… No one has worn ‘real’ clothes in months. Loungewear is everyone’s new go-to daily outfit. While loungewear is extremely comfy, it can leave you feeling unmotivated or not your best. That’s why it’s essential to wear loungewear styles that make you feel yourself. So here are some styles that’ll have you strutting […]

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many of us to change or cancel long-awaited vacation plans and activities. While this is certainly an unusual and even disappointing summer season, being stuck in your hometown doesn’t have to be boring. No matter where you are, make the most of your summer vacation this year with these fun […]

With fall comes cooler weather, the starting of school, sweaters and sports. Unfortunately, this upcoming fall season will be unlike any other. What we’re all really looking forward to are the next seasons of our favorite tv shows. TV helps us escape the reality of the real world and jump into a fantasy world with […]

With coronavirus cases continuing to rise across several states, many of us are choosing to spend these warm summer days curled up in front of the television (or, you know, the laptop). Luckily, while TV content might end up being somewhat delayed this fall, there’s definitely no shortage of exciting television shows to keep you […]