Returning to college this year will be unlike any other. How students would normally prepare for school is nothing compared to how they’ll have to prepare for college amidst a global pandemic. All colleges will look and feel very different to students coming in to start their fall semester. 

Here are just some of the few major changes colleges are making to ensure students can continue their education in the safest way possible.

Social Distancing

Like so many of us are currently doing in our everyday lives, institutions are enforcing social distancing through reinvented spaces, structured events, and guidelines to ensure that six-feet distancing is maintained. There will no longer be large lecture halls filled with students, congested cafeteria eating, study groups at the library, and the other classic college circumstances we are used to. Most colleges have even canceled their athletics. Check your college on what specific guidelines are in place to maintain social distancing at your campus.

Mask Requirements

The new fashion statement on campuses this fall semester will be masks; students are now required to wear them when they are out and about. College campuses who are returning to in-campus instruction will do so with mandatory mask-wearing policies. Just consider masks as a new fashion accessory. They are coming out with many different colors and designs. Make sure you are stocking up! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be lucky and your school will be giving out free masks to their students.

Online Courses

While every college has offered online courses in the past, they will certainly be more plentiful now. Larger classes will take place remotely while smaller classes may take place in person or as a hybrid form, which allows the class to be online and in person. Every college differs in how they’re offering their courses under these new conditions.

Shortened Semester

Lastly, colleges have made their semesters shorter to prevent the second wave of the coronavirus that has been estimated to hit later in the fall. There will be no fall break and students will be home by Thanksgiving, marking the end of the semester. 

While these are drastic changes to the typical college lifestyle we are all used to, be grateful that you are able to still attend school. Follow your institutions rules and regulations during this time. They are enforcing them so that students can continue their education in the best way considering the current situation. Wear your masks loud and proud!

By Pure Source – Health & Wellness for a Better World